3 males (1st male is 3yrs old) 2other males are 2 yrs old.(1) female is 3 yrs old.2nd female is 2 yrs old.it comes with 125 gallon tank and all that is in it ,incubater pit to lay eggs,small tank for babys with basking light for babys.large tank has to heat lamps plus long basking light.comes with everything (no stand for large tank)females are very good with laying eggs.they 24 eggs at 1 time. have sold all babys to BIG ALS here in hamilton...they eat med crickets salad.,fruit. blue meal worms,and pinkys only for a treat..they love a bath 1 time a week in the bath tub.they also have a little scrub brush which they love to have there neck scrubbed and there body...they are friendly and you can handle them ..helie is our 2 yr old female & the rest of them loves to run around on the floor or sleep on the back of the sofa or just cuddle with you .. if you were to buy all this as showen it would cost alot more then what we are asking for everything,if you wish more info plz contact me me by email will be glad to answer any other question you might have.it needs to be gone A.S.A.P we are moving ... there pics of the babies inthere incubatur ..new babies were born on dec 30,31st last 2 photos are new babys.