I have a blue front amazon that I would like to find a good home for. He needs someone that has knowledge of the species and the time to work with him.

His age is unknown but he is a male. He was used as a breeder at his original home and was rescued by someone who had him in a guinea pig cage for 2 weeks and he then came to me. His right leg was broken when he was with his original owner and the owner didn't take him in to see a vet about it. The leg has healed onto an angle. The foot does still work but he cannot perch and eat. It must be from a dish or your hand. He is NOT TAME but will take food from you nicely until he no longer wants it. You must watch his body language and move away when appropriate. His wings were also a mess when we got him so I am letting them grow out now. I have him in a cage that is roughly 3'x3'x3'. He is happier now in there. The top of the cage does open and that is done every day. He is comfortable with other birds. I have a Moluccan that sits with him for a while every day as well as a senegal and some conures. He has never had an issue with the birds.

He does try to fly off the cage top once and awhile. He can go about 5 feet now. He does not just come and chill on people. He is really a beautiful bird and I would really like to see someone take the time to tame him. He deserves someone that can dedicate time to him and I just can't do that.

If you are interested, please send me an email. $400. Price for him is negotiable. If you need the cage, you can have it as well.