I am selling my 4 year old corn snakes. They are brother and sister and have been together all 4 years, I'm not willing to separate them. The albino is the longer snake, and the female. The male is regular color. They have amazing temperaments, never bitten anybody and I've had them since babies, watched them even hatch. They both eat two live or frozen full grown mice every two weeks. I've found them mating once but have yet to lay eggs. Everything is included:
-tank with dirt and wood chips
-driftwood log
-water dish
-hanging plant
-log hideout
-two light fixtures(only one with bulb, daytime light)
-closed mesh wire lid
-tank sprayer

All of this is worth well over $300, I'm asking for $200 OBO. Am willing to deliver, text or email if interested 905-912-. No calls pls.